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Alt Pops Giftbox 4PK

Alt Pops Giftbox 4PK

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Pop ‘til you drop with NEW Alt Pops by Alt Scoops! Enjoy your choice of 4 pops at P580 only (Save P100))! The Popsicle of your dreams is here! Each bite starts with a crack of generous coating of Auro, followed by an explosion of mind-blowing flavors brought forward by our 3 best-selling: Oat Milk, Strawberry and Cappuccino Crunch. Can't decide? Try out our sampler pack and have a taste of the Alt Pops fun!

Good to Know

We offer locally made, low-calorie vegan ice cream that is 100% dairy-free. A delicious treat that's as kind to you as it is to the planet.

Great Ingredients

Enjoy our favorite scoops crafted with premium Oatly! oat milk, for a creamy and wholesome indulgence.

Best Nutritionals

Savor our guilt-free pleasure – vegan ice cream with low calories that doesn't compromise on flavor!


Alt Scoop Nutritional Factsheet



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