Is it vegan and dairy-free? 

Yes, and yes! All of our delicious desserts are made with Oatly! oat milk, making them creamy and delectable but still dairy-free.

Is there soy milk in Alt Scoops?

Some of our products are soy-free while those which contain AURO chocolate (such as SF Dark Choco, Dark Choco, Oat Milk Swirl) contain traces of soy. 

Where can I try Alt Scoops? 

If you're looking for our freshest products (fresh gelato & oat milk soft serve), you may find these at 2F Podium.  

Where can I buy Alt Scoops? 

Alt Scoops is available in 2F Podium for the full assortment while take home products can be bought via our online web-shop, and some specialty grocers. 

How many calories are there in Alt Scoops?

80-150cals, depending on the flavor.

How long does it take to deliver?

For on-demand delivery, we suggest ordering via Grab Food otherwise via e-shop takes about 0-1 day.